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Promoter’s Score

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Promoter’s Score

We’re very proud to have served thousands of participants with our workshops internationally over the last twenty years. They have always given us honest and creative feedback on their learning experience and how useful it was for them.

Their comments and suggestions have helped us enormously for the constant improvement of the contents and quality of delivery. We’re very grateful to all of them.

Here are some meaningful stats that we’re proud to share with you about their feedback:

89% say our methodologies are well summarized, practical and easy to integrate in daily behaviors.

87% say our approach and methods will render daily work more simple and with less admin.

91% say the learning is a milestone towards excellence in sales.

97% say the strength of the group takes you over self-imposed limits to overcome any obstacle.

84% say they take with them a quantum leap improvement in cross-functional relations that will help impact business results.

87% say content is constantly referring to daily activities and with operational hints for improvement.

85% say they strongly improved their trust in reaching the group objectives.

94% say they would recommend our services to anyone.