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The Marketing Team as Agents of Change


Challenge: The Marketing Team as Agents of Change

The Marketing Team of Barilla Bakery (Mulino Bianco and Pavesi) in a context of continuous change, where speed reaction and adaptability were fundamental, participated in a project designed ad hoc to develop the attitudes and skills required to generate change in the most diverse situations in order to achieve the newly defined corporate goals. Participants shared their expectations about the future and became actual agents of change, i.e. people who have the Courage, Determination and Creativity to change the rules of the game and to challenge the status of things.

Promoters of the project
Massimo Potenza (General Manager)
Lucio Moschella (Human Resources Director)
Stefano Battioni, Eugenio Perrier, Jacopo Marchi (B.U.s Marketing Directors)

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