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Teamwork development in a global constantly changing environment (our longer term customer)


Challenge: Teamwork development in a global constantly changing environment (since 1998, our longer term customer)

We have been working with reciprocal satisfaction with the senior executive teams of CISCO in Europe, Middle East, Africa and San Josè (USA), to foster teamwork, pro-activity and closeness among colleagues accustomed to working in a virtual organizational setting and with colleagues that are usually on the other side of the globe.

Over the years hundreds of Cisco personnel from all over the world have participated in our Adventure Management Training® projects: San José, Japan, Johannesburg, Bangkok, Italy, Spain, Dubai, etc. Many senior executives have participated with their different teams in 6 or 7 different occasions.

This is what the vice-president of Mobile Operations Worldwide had to say at the end of the project which involved a team of people from all over the world: “the value we achieved with you in three days in terms of personal and strategic results is incalculable. It would take months and months of conference calls, meetings, e-mail messages, etc. and we wouldn’t have reached even half the level of understanding and operating synergy we accomplished with J. G. Martin & Partners”.

Promoters of the projects
Cristina Marcolin (EMEAR South Marketing Leader)
Fabio Ganzaroli (Head of Service Provider EMEAR Marketing)
David Bevilacqua (Vice President – Head of the South EMEA theater)
Sharon Bachar (Head of HR Israel and South EMEA theater)
Nuno Carvalho (General Manager Portugal)
Jose Manuel Petisco (General Manager Spain)
Robert Vassoyan (General Manager France)
Agostino Santoni (General Manager Italy)
Rafael Chacon (Cisco Capital)
Dimitris Nikolatos (Business Development Mngr)
Geraint Anderson (Vice President EMEA Incumbent Business)
Stefano Venturi (Vice President and ex-CEO Italy)
Fiona Cicconi (HR Director Sud Emea)
Enrico Deluchi (Managing Director Solutions)
Luca Marinelli (Managing Director Emea Unified Channels)
Vicente Olano (Operations Director for Telefónica Group worldwide)
Massimo Migliuolo (Vice President Mobile Operations worldwide)
Renato Riva (Director Customer Advocacy)

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