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Fastweb (Swisscom) & Cisco

Collaboration 4 Business Acceleration

Fastweb (Swisscom) & Cisco

Challenge: Collaboration 4 Business Acceleration

With the aim of reinforcing their strategic partnership, CISCO and FASTWEB participated in an innovative project that brought significant added value to both organizations. Designed and developed together with the leadership of both teams, we implemented an ideal combination of experiential activities and indoor business sessions with our Adventure Management Training™ methodology to facilitate the improvement of personal relations, mutual trust and increase collaboration and bonding to become a high performing team. Identification of the critical success factors that impacted their joint business, led to the definition of specific commitments that focused the team’s energy and talents on activities with strong impact on the market, the improvement of operational effectiveness, and ultimately, the achievement of their joint business goals.

In brief, a project that is contributing to bringing the Fastweb-Cisco business relationship “up to the next level”.

Project Promoters:
Stefano Somenzi, OD – Cisco
Giorgio Campatelli, Regional Sales Manager – Cisco
Roberto Biazzi, Small & Medium Enterprise Director – Fastweb

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