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Telecom Italia and Microsoft

Development of a strategic Partnership

Telecom Italia and Microsoft

Challenge: Development of a strategic Partnership

This “bi-dimensional” Adventure Management Training® project involved Account Managers, ICT Consultants and Business Innovation Consultants from different Territories of Telecom Italia, and their counterparts at Microsoft with the goal of facilitating teamwork, promoting sales pro-activity to reach common objectives, and speed up the time-to-market of strategic projects.

During the intensive workshop days, participants trained in refining coordination and collaboration, keeping their constant focus on the business objectives of both Teams.

Technology experts of Microsoft also held a couple of sessions on new Technology Solutions, to support the professional growth of the Partner, and facilitate succeeding in new business areas.

Here is the comment from Umberto Genovesi, ICT Coordinator at Telecom Italia: My congratulations to everybody – Many of you have given me very positive feedback on the workshop and on the project. I’m really delighted, this means that both teams, from the central sales coordination and from Microsoft, with their commitment, did in such a short timeframe an excellent job. I’m confident that the experience will generate an improvement in your professional growth and will definitely enhance our business.

Project Promoters
Luca Marinelli, SMS&P BU Director – Microsoft
Gianfilippo D’Agostino, Enterprise Director – Telecom Italia
Francesco Falciola, Partner Account Manager – Microsoft
Umberto Genovesi, ICT Coordinator – Telecom Italia
Adriano Nigi, DFS Sales Enterprise Presales – Telecom Italia

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