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Sun Microsystems

Implementation of its Customer Centric strategy

Sun Microsystems

Challenge: Implementation of its Customer Centric strategy.

Long term project with the top management of Sun Microsystems for the facilitation and improvement of teamwork. Creation of operating synergies among members of the management team;  among colleagues in the same line of business; among SUN and their partners (channel) and among SUN, their main partners and key customers, such as for example Telefónica group.

The final goal was to implement successfully its Customer Centric strategy with the contribution of the entire organization and its partners. Reducing time and costs on the implementation of key projects, and providing a faster and better service to the end users of Key Customers.

Promoters of the projects
Adolfo Hernández (CEO)
Albert Triola (Executive Director for Telefónica)
Jonathan Sampson (COO)

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